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Dr. G. Balamurali, being one of the leading spinal neurosurgeons in Chennai, offers a plethora of services under his expert guidance. The services include expert non-surgical, surgical, and rehabilitation works along with online medical assistance.
Dr. G. Balamurali performs the entire spectrum of Spine Surgery.
Spine Rehabilitation
Patients affected with serious spinal disorders will receive rehabilitation at HAMSA Rehab.
Non Surgical Procedures
Spine Injection procedures and Physiotherapy may only be required for some patients.
International Patients
International patient services like Visa, concierge, translation, accommodation and pick up can be arranged
Operating Facilities
Dr. G. Balamurali and his team operate at Kauvery Advanced Spine Centre at Kauvery hospital, Chennai.
Online Services
Consultations can be performed with online Video chat with prior appointment.

Best Spine and Neurosurgeon in Chennai

Dr. G. Balamurali is an internationally trained Spinal Neurosurgeon with 24 years of surgical experience, 16 years from UK. He is extensively trained in all niche aspects of spinal surgery with several fellowships from the UK (Liverpool & Nottingham), USA (San Francisco & Chicago) and Switzerland (Zurich). He is the Senior Spine and Neurosurgeon in India since 2011. He has a vast experience in all spine related problems and heads an academy called the international Spine Academy (iSpine) which imparts knowledge to aspiring spine surgeons.
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24 Years of Experience

Advanced Key Hole Spine Surgery Specialist

Dr. G. Balamurali is an experienced professional Spinal Neurosurgeon in Chennai who specializes in advanced keyhole spine surgery. The benefits of Minimally Invasive Key Hole Surgery are:
  • Small scar
  • Blood loss will be less
  • Pain after the surgery will be less
  • Soft tissue damages will be less
  • Post-op pain will be less
  • Shorter stay at the hospital
  • Faster recovery time
  • Quicker return to your daily activities

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Awards and Scholarships always give me that extra push to strive for excellence and push the boundaries to offer better services, relieve pain and offer a better life filled with hope and happiness to my patients.
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Being someone who believes that learning is a continuous process, I try my best to learn more and impart the knowledge to others in the form of books and publications. Knowledge is always to be imparted, to be shared!
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