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Spinal Health

Spine Health Back Pain in Pregnancy

by Dr. G. Balamurali |January 25, 2020 |0 Comments | Spinal Health

Women are life-givers. They nurture and nourish their child in the womb, taking utmost care and going through great ordeals to ensure that the baby is born healthy. As much as they take

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Spine Health – Sitting is the new smoking

by Dr. G. Balamurali |January 15, 2020 |4 Comments | Spinal Health

“If you would seek health, look first to the spine” – Socrates.That is how important our spine is to our overall health and fitness. Through a series of awareness articles,

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Spine Health Series – Spine Injury

by Dr. G. Balamurali |December 10, 2019 |0 Comments | Spinal Health

Continuing with my spine health series, today, I will be sharing some knowledge on spine injuries, the types and the reasons. When I say spine injury that first thought that may

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